Monday, December 6, 2010

For all of you College Students

As finals week is coming up I feel like I've been M.I.A. for the longest time but I am back! at least for right now when I am taking a break from studies and writing a million and one essays. I wanted to talk about a product that I recently found online that I've only briefly seen in person but I must say they are the must have for all college students!!

I was browsing through this site for college and military called, I really like this website, it really has everything a student needs to stay organized and ready for college but I was mainly focusing on food. Lately I have been spending SO MUCH on food and everything that isn't that expensive is not very healthy for you.  So on this website they have these containers that carry your cereal, salad, and other little snackers. First I'll start off with the cereal,

"The milk stays cold by keeping the gel filled cup frozen in your small dorm freezer. Once the gel is frozen, pour your milk in the cup portion and twist the bottom cup to the cereal bowl section. Once they are together you'll have Cereal On The Go." 

This is the product I saw being put to use that sparked my interest in this brand all together, I am the type of person that doesn't like to eat breakfast right when I wake up so the idea of being able to keep milk cold and still be able to eat a good breakfast at around 9 or 10 sounds like an awesome deal. This will run you around 3 dollars but shipping should cost you. 

The next product that I found really good would be the EZ Freeze Deluxe Salad Kit, I like creating really creative salads for school but what I really don't like is when my ziplock container breaks open in my backpack and getting food all over my books. 

"This deluxe salad kit will keep your veggies and salad dressing colder for a longer period of time. The set includes a tray with patented freezer gel technology; just keep in the freezer until you need to make your salad." 

I am so excited to try these products out! I will definitely be making an order soon because I really would like some things like these to keep everything organized. Being extra creative with this, this could also work for a fruit salad! This product will run you about 8 dollars and again it will be plus shipping. 

Another, and the Last food item I found is this veggie or fruit holder bowl that is a lot like the salad holder but a bit smaller. I really like this kind of holder because, college food at the cafeteria is expensive and this really gives you the opportunity to create something a lot healthier and a lot cheaper too!

"Our Fruit & Veggie Bowl will allow you to take healthy food to class or to your after class activities for a quick and healthy snack" 

This product will run you about 10 dollars so its a bit more expensive than the others which I quite don't understand but I'm not the one running the company. 

These containers are not exclusive to fruits and veggies, so by no means am I saying go super healthy or start eating fruits and veggies if thats not your thing, but this is a great way to carry your food from home and save money especially if you want to keep your things cold.

The last thing that I wanted to show is this really handy i.d. holder!  I don't know if its just me but I hate having to switch my wallet from my backpack to my purses when I go out and sometimes my wallet doesn't fit in my smaller purses and then I have to take out my license and accommodate everything and then I forget to put it back and then end up driving without a license which is extremely bad! So there is this really handy i.d. keeper that can also serve as a discrete wallet.

"With its zipper closure, clear panel ID holder, key ring, and removable wrist strap, our ID Keeper allows you to carry your student ID, license, cards, and cash discreetly and in style." 

I think this is so handy and probably one of the best things for me, now I know that there are some probably out there in retail stores, but I have just never realized I really needed it until now. 

I really like all of these product and I think they are so handy, if I do end up making and order I will definitely let you know how they've worked out. I have a couple new things coming up! stay tuned, I just need to get through finals week.


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