Thursday, December 9, 2010

Color it up!

The days have pretty much plateaued when it comes to how cold it gets here in Sunny San Diego but even though it has plateaued it still is pretty cold on the occasion which is why I love bundling up in my boots, leggings and some very stylish sweaters.  Normally I gravitate more towards darker colors like black and grey so when I piece something together it can look a bit monotone and I have been really trying to step away from that comfort zone and going towards more towards wintery colors but in darker tones. I have really been loving the colors plum, cranberry and red! These colors I feel bring out the holiday spirit and they are such great alternatives to the darker and kind of dull colors black and grey. 

Here are some lovely choices from Windsor:

I absolutely love this cold shoulder sweater it is so cute and very stylish and it adds a little twist to the regular sweater that every single person has. This red sweater is such a beautiful statement piece that will bring anyone out of they're shell!
These are such lovely colors and sweaters and they look so beautiful for the winter season! These two Cowl Neck Sweaters are from Forever 21 and come in a lot more colors if these aren't your favorite colors.


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  1. They are so beautiful alternative to black and grey colors! I love the first one with the cut out shoulders :-) xoxoxoxoo