Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Accessories: Winter Beanies and Scarves

With this sunny weather coming back to San Diego, it is making me long for the days where the weather is chilly so I can layer up. With this longing for cold weather, I have been looking at accessories to layer up and I recently rediscovered beanies! Beanies are the cutest way to look a bit more in the winter season even if its not in the coldest temperatures.  I really like how Forever 21 styled this look because, anyone could really just roll up their sleeves and you don't have to burn to death when its warmer than 70 degrees ha ha.
I really love this one that I found on or this grey beanie from H&M but I really like the slouch of the beige beanie and the little pom pom too!


scarves are another guilty pleasure of mine, I absolutely die for scarves! I love thin ones, thick ones, textured ones and really soft ones! When I was browsing around the forever 21 store, I found some really textured scarves that had a really thick fabric and I fell in love! 
1 2  

Even with this 80 degree weather, I still dream of the cold days where I get to bundle up!
Cold 50 degree weather, can you please come now!  Hope you like this little accessories post! 

mucho amor!, 

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  1. cool blog! I absolutely love beanies and scarves :)