Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haul Coming up soon!

I've been running a little low on cash and been kind of browsing around and looking for good product for less, and I've come across some that have had a lot of great reviews!  Right now I've been looking a lot on in their beauty section to find good cosmetics for less. Target sells numerous brands but I was looking particularly at the brand e.l.f and their brushes.  I have recently started getting into makeup and how it can really enhance someones beauty; with this new interest in cosmetics I've also been experimenting with how to create a flawless looking face without caking on the makeup.
So anyways while browsing on e.l.f website I found some really good brushes, a mineral translucent powder for a finished touch after I've put on my makeup, and a powder consisting of four colors, the colors are meant to be blended together as the Blue neutralizes orange, the Green neutralizes red, the Pink neutalizes grey and the Yellow brightens and neutralizes red and they are supposed to get rid of any imperfections. 


Now I know that most of these brushes and products are for people that are just getting started, but that is really what I am doing, just getting started with makeup ha ha! Now I will be putting up a haul and a review on how I like them so I should be getting these products soon enough! :) 

Onto Target's Boots collection, even though I got two products already, the cleansing wipes and the shower cleanser, I decided to get the No7 Tinted Moisturizer in medium and the comments I saw under the product pretty much all said that this was better than the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer so I am super excited to try this out because I really needed something with sheer coverage but also moisturizes and doesn't look "caked" on. 

Another item that I just purchased online is the SUPER QUICK Liquid Eyeliner Exand normally I really don't like buying things online but I was looking at missglamorazzi youtube channel and she showed this eyeliner and was basically raving about 
it because of it's precision and how easy it is to apply so I decided to try it!

10. Now, missglamorazzi was able to buy this product in an asian cosmetics store but I had to buy this eyeliner online at for about 10.00 dollars but the shipping can be pricey at 15.00 so whether this eyeliner is really worth 25 dollars,  I will do a review when I get the product in the mail!  Also before I forget, e.l.f is doing a sale even with their already low prices! 
50% off insider favorites when you spend more than $25 using the code "faves" during checkout AND 25% off brushes when using the code "brush" during checkout! if you don't have any brushes or need new brushes, I heard very good reviews so why not try something new! I will do a review once I get them in the mail, SO EXCITED!

The products listed:
10. SUPER QUICK Liquid Eyeliner Ex $10.70 (but 15.00 with shipping)

missglamorazzi youtube channel:

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  1. yay, let me know how the brushes work out for you. :) I love you girlie.