Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Half of the New Haul!

I've been feeling really bad for my completely obvious neglect for the blog recently, I really wanted to do a follow up on the blog post (here) "Haul coming up soon" in one post all together, but unfortunately the eyes lips face (e.l.f.) company takes a bit longer to ship than amazon. So I thought I would do a little review on 2 products that I have been using quite a bit lately.
The Power of Plants BOTANICS In Shower Facial Polish
          I talked about this in a video haul about a week ago and I said I would do a full review once I really started using it and I absolutely love it! I don't really have acne prone skin, but its really helped clear up and soften my skin a lot more and I use it everyday in the shower but its a quick and easy little facial every morning and my skin really always feel refreshed after each use! This is a product that I know I will really love for a really long time, its about 7.99 at Target so its very inexpensive. Love it!

Now the other products I mentioned in the Coming up Haul post a couple days ago, the e.l.f. products are taking a bit longer than expected so I decidedto just do a review on the The Super Quick Liquid Eyeliner EX that I got from Amazon:

The Super Quick Liquid Eyeliner EX
          This liquid eyeliner is a GODSEND!, I absolutely have fallen in love with this eyeliner, I haven't  used a liquid eyeliner before just because I have a really shaky hand and I'm always afraid it'll look silly but this eyeliner has felt pen type feel, so its really steady when applying it! I love the it finishes it stays an for the entire day and its not hard at all to get off so overall I really love this product and well worth the 20 dollars I spent because of shipping! If you can find this at any asian stores I recommend you buy it, it is really so amazing but if you can't you can look on google shopping and there are a lot of places that you can buy online too!

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