Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I am Thankful for!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I thought I would do a post in honor of it! Every year my entire family always gathers together and goes to Sedona, Arizona for thanksgiving and this year will definitely be more bittersweet because a couple months ago my grandma passed away and it was her that would really always bring us all back together every year and even though she wont be with us in person, I really believe that she'll be with us in spirit watching over each and every one of us.

So to actually get into it, I am thankful for my entire family, I have a really big family so I am so thankful that I always have someone to call if I need a bit of adult advice, I am also thankful for all my younger cousins that always put a smile on my face when I see them and I am truly thankful for my parents! They have supported me through everything and I am really lucky to have gone through every situation with them, especially my mom.  I have seen her work so hard throughout her whole life to give me a better life and I am truly thankful for that.  I am also so grateful for my friends!, I could not go without mentioning them, I am so grateful for the friends I have, they are so amazing and in everything I do they support me and they push me to step out of my comfort zone and be a better person, and I know I could not live without my best friend who I consider my sister from another mister, Breanna! I hope and pray she will always be in my life because she is one person I truly could not live without!!!  

Other than family, I am thankful for the fact that I am able to go to a good college and be able to study a major that I am fully invested in, I am thankful for this blog, this blog gives me such a creative outlet that I really never had before and its really amazing to hear feedback from readers! so I am truly grateful this year and every year before this!

I know this really doesn't have much to do with beauty or fashion but thanksgiving is tomorrow and I will be heading to see my family soon enough so I am a big ball of excitement and I just wanted to share it!


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