Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Girl Can Dream ;)

Christmas is rolling around the corner, and still living with my parents, they always ask me what I want, but with more realizations on what the value of a dollar really is, I always like to keep my suggestions on budget, but it never hurts to dream for the finer things in life haha.  So here are some things on my
too-expensive-to-ever-have wish list.

Christian Loubiton Boots

Chain Shoulder Biker Jacket
Faux Fur Gilet

Well This is hardly everything that I could think of but I've been thinking about doing a fun little post on what I could never afford for a while, so here it is LOL! I've really been loving everything that I just showed; though it does not really follow the style of San Diego or the weather so I don't really see these kinds of pieces in my closet, but soon enough when I move to Los Angeles!.... eventually ;)


  1. Ohmygosh those boots are lovely!!xx

  2. i love the jacket. One day in La, we will get coffee or tea.:)