Thursday, November 18, 2010

Current Obsessions!

Starting into this blog, it has brought my likes, dislikes and obsessions to a new light.  Before, I knew what I liked and disliked fashion wise, but blogging has opened up a new world like make-up, reviews and hauls! Anyways, recently I have had a current obsession over watches.. I know a lot of people under the age of 30 don't wear watches because they have their phone right on hand so it's not that necessary to carry one but in my opinion watches can be a really cool accessory to have and they can make great jewelry statements!

In my last Haul Video I talked about this Teal Watch from Francesca's Collection and I love this watch!! I gave it as a present in white to one of my good friends and she loved it. It can be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas because these watches look expensive but are quite the opposite.

1. The first watch comes in the colors Teal, Black, Navy, Purple, Beige and White and they will run you about 18 dollars.
2. The Second watch is something that I have my eye on for Christmas, it really is a timeless piece that can go with any outfit because of how neutral and vintage it looks. This watch will run you about 18 dollars as well.
3. This last one caught my eye just because of its vibrant color and how eye catching it is! the gold is not my favorite, but it definitely works well with its color. I also really like the three different clocks within the watch too! This particular watch comes in the colors Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, Black, Beige and White. Theres is a massive variety in colors for this one and this watch will run you about 20 dollars, so definitely not a budget breaker comparing to what other watches can cost.

Now another obsession that is not even close to recent is boots! I've always felt like boots are the best way to stay comfortable and fashionable at the same time! I feel like there aren't a lot of pieces of apparel that do that, so boots are just my favorite staple item.  The only reason I am mentioning boots right now is because my favorite pair of boots are in not in good shape at the moment and would probably cost more to repair than to just get new ones; so recently I have had my eye out for a new pair!
1.I just saw these online and I have fallen in love! The different colors work so well and I love that they look like riding boots! I feel like riding boots are so chic and comfortable, and are always a good investment because of the longevity! These boots are from ModCloth and I might just order me a pair soon!  :)

Now before I turn this into an million page current obsessions essay, I have two last things that I have really been loving, the e.l.f cosmetics stipple brush and my N°7 Tinted Moisturizer from Boots and Target!  This moisturizer gives the perfect tint to my face and it looks like I got the perfect tan in the middle of winter! I love it so much and the Stipple Brush really gives an even coverage so it always looks natural. (why did I never have this before?!?!)