Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bath and Body Works Candles!

Thanksgiving is now over and a couple of days with the family always gets a little tiring, but I was so happy to see them anyways! I wasn't able to do black friday, but I did get in on some good deals at Bath and Body works and I couldn't be more excited!  I have always wanted candles and I think they are the classiest touch to a house but I've always been that worry wart that is so afraid its going to burn the house down. With all fears aside, I took the deal of 50% off candles and got the candle for Forever Sunshine and Fresh Linen! These are two very different scents, Forever Sunshine is a very fruity, citrus-y scent and I love it,  Fresh Linen is such a clean smell and I think this would be a perfect scent for when you are just relaxing and laying in bed. I am so happy with my purchases today, and normally these candles go for about 20 dollars so to buy 2 at 50% off, its like your getting one for free, which is always great in my book!
I have Forever Sunshine Burning in my bathroom and it is just emanating throughout the entire house! YAY


  1. You place your order in the comments box or email me @ :)



  2. yummy.iwish i got some candles i have been hearing alot about them.:)