Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sally Hansen MegaShine

I keep up with a lot of beauty blogs and when I come across posts with rave reviews of a product I always get a little curious to try it because most bloggers are not paid to say good things about a product, so you end up getting an really honest review rather than some ad that promises false outcomes. Anyways, after my rant, one of my favorite bloggers Fleur De Force wrote about Sally Hansen's Megashine topcoat a while ago and I was dying to try it.  This has been literally my new favorite item for the last two months or so, this topcoat leaves your nail polish looking like you just stepped out of a salon and I am not very good with keeping my nails from chipping and this says that it keeps nails from chipping for 10 days and for me it has lasted a bit longer than the 10 days promised. Another really cool thing about this topcoat, is that you can put it on wet nails! Now I know that sounds crazy but it makes your nails dry so much faster, so you don't have to wait 20,000 hours for your nails to dry.  You can buy Sally Hansen's Megashine and any CVS or Walgreens but I got mine at target and they will run you about 8 dollars but it is such an investment because after I put on whatever nail polish I want, I put megashine on and it literally looks like its out of a salon! Totally LOVE this product and I don't I'll ever go to a salon again to get my nails done.. well except for my toes, every girl loves a good pedicure! :)

XOXO Nicole

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