Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nail Polishes OH MY!

Nail Polish, love them or hate them, they come in so many colors.  Probably for the last couple of months I've had a recent obsession over them.  Beige, Pinks and Browns oh my! So today I've decided to do somewhat of a haul on some of the nail varnishes that I got today and a couple that I've had for a while, all except one are from OPI and the other is from China Glaze.

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5. China Glaze Princess Grace

Ok so these are some nail polishes that I've picked up today and some that I've had for a while; the first, Tickle me France-y a really good neutral color that can be used for everyday and is a subtle but great alternative to not having any polish at all. Brisbane Bronze is so perfect for the for this time of year! This is such a pretty bronze color, I've tried the whole black nail polish in the fall and its just too strong so this color really gives a good balance to shimmery and fun while still looking good for fall edginess.  I just yesterday did a post on breast cancer awareness month and this nail polish that I have been raving about, it is a really beautiful natural pink thats not too in-your-face,  and it also has a really pretty shimmer added to it but there is also another polish of the same color without the shimmer. OPI's Bring on the Bling was not one of my favorite picks of the day when I came home and tried it on, but I think it would look really pretty with Tickle Me France-y under it as a base coat.  Last but not least, Princess Grace was another semi-dissapointment, its a little runny and takes a couple coats to really get it to look like a real color but all in all its a really pretty shade and I think I would try and look for a similar color in another brand.  Follow or leave a comment if you like!! :)

xoxo nicole

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  1. very nice shades.xx