Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Concealer

Dark Circles, bags under your eyes, how do you deal!?  Concealer, concealer is probably one of my most needed cosmetics; it is just some random trait in our family to have dark circles under our eyes so I always turn to concealer. I used to use MAC concealer but buying from MAC can become expensive as everyone knows, so I decided to try Maybelline's Super Stay 24hr Concealer and I personally really like it so far, it has really great coverage when it comes to the dark circles and it practically erases then completely! It says on the package that it covers dark circles for 24 hours and doesn't crease or smudge. I would say it does about 2 out the 3 things it says it does. It definitely covers dark circles and stays for basically the entire day which is amazing in itself because I don't want to have to retouch every couple of hours but the only con I have about this item is creasing! If you get terrible bags under your eyes, this is not the product for you. I was trying to hide some creases the other day, and it just kind of emphasized them more in my opinion even though it still took away the darkness!

I still really like this concealer as a cover for the shadow under my eyes, so this product is not a complete dud in my eyes but it is definitely not an +A winner.  This ran me back about 6.00 at target so it did not hit my pocket that hard and that is always a plus!  So all in all if you have dark circles under your eyes and you haven't really found a good coverage product, I would try this one! It really is a super stay concealer!

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  1. Try Physicans Formula Circle Rx control Concealer. It really does the trick. It hits the pocket a little harder then maybelline by 4 or 5 dollars more.After using it a couple of times the circles get smaller.