Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Curl Me Crazy

Why hello there everyone!, I am super excited to share with you something that I recently purchased and that is the Conair Curling Wand! Now I know a lot of bloggers and youtubers have already purchased this item and raved about it but I have said before that I have curly hair and I've bought curling irons before and never used them because I didn't find it a necessity but I have come to find that it really just lifts my hair and gives it a lovely finish turning bland flat curly hair to voluminous everyday curly hair.
This has done wonders for my hair and I am just addicted to using it! At target it will run you about 25.99 which is actually pretty good when I've seen salon brands for 200!! So if you haven't tried yet, I recommend you do because it is the easiest styling product I've used recently!

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