Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas Wish list!

So I've been racking my brain these last few days to try and figure out a post to do! The videos are always fun to do but I've been having some major technical difficulties with youtube and it is just frustrating and blogging is not putting up videos because I can't figure what to write; but anyways, I decided that I should do a Christmas Wish List!

So people always ask what I want for christmas and when I am put on the spot like that I have no idea what to say and just have a complete brain fart! ha ha but taking the time out to think about it I have realized that I do have some specific things that I want!


So the first and probably most expensive that I expect no one to get me because its kind of an outrageous gift to ask for is the Sigma Complete Kit with Brush Roll. Now for most makeup Gurus that I have been watching lately have this entire set and have paid for it with their own money and if I don't get this for christmas I will hopefully be getting a job soon after the new year and buy it with my own hard earned cash but these brushes are pretty essential for any makeup person, they have a lot of eye brushes that I don't have at the moment like the Sigma E30 (Right) which is a brush to apply eyeshadow to the crease, blending it in, and lower lash line, the Sigma E40 (Left) which is a brush for blending. Those are the two main ones that I would be so excited to use but I would be over the moon if I got this for Christmas.  The Pink Complete Kit right now is on sale for $79.00 for all of the brushes AND the brush roll. Now normally the Brushes alone are $79.00 and with the Brush Roll it is $99.00 but if you get the pink set of brushes, they come with the exact same brushes as the Black just 20 dollars less! 

The next thing on my christmas list would be for someone that were like just friends or family members because you never really want anyone spending too much on you, I just feel its kind of bad to only list expensive things on a wish list because if its out of someones budget, then what are they supposed to get you.  Anyways, the next thing I think is kind of universal for pretty much any girl is a Target Gift Card!  Target has become one of my favorite stores in the last four or five months, it literally is probably just one of the best gift you could get me, because I can actually go in for myself and find something I like and I still think that you put thought into the gift.  Contrary to popular belief, I think that giving a gift card is an amazing because your giving the receiver a choice of what they want.  Other places I think gift card would be greatly appreciated is Windsor, H&M and Bath & Body Works.  My four favorite places to shop at the moment!!

The Last thing I think I would want is a Itunes gift card! I need a major update on my ipod and that seems like a really generic gift, but I seriously neeeeeeed new music, I slowly dying because I'm getting so tired of my music.
oh and p.s. anyone shopping for a college student, a STARBUCKS gift card is essential!!!! I live off Starbucks when Im in school! I swear I pay those people's salaries with how much I drink from there!

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