Friday, October 22, 2010

Paranormal Activity Review

So tonight I went to the midnight premiere of Paranormal Activity and I have to say that was an intense movie! Now I won't give away any spoilers just because I know there is a huge fan base and not everyone can go to a midnight showing.  But anyways, this movie starts off with anticipations high for a quick scare factor straight from the beginning, just by judging from the clamor of everyone in the audience.  Now, I didn't see the first movie, but from everything I've heard, this movie is far more terrifying than the first.  Apparently, in the first movie, there wasn't a lot of activity so to speak and there was only a couple scary parts but this movie definitely keeps a constant scare factor going so you'll never get bored or "over" the movie.  Camera work is obviously not the best quality at times and keeps you guessing at some points but overall, it's not too shaky throughout the film, and also keeps you stuck to your seat while still wanting to leave the movie in fear!  It is a must see movie, it really kept me and the audience surprised during the entire movie so I know it was not just me and my ability to get scared so easily.  I would get more into the movie, but you'll just have to see it ;)

have fun getting scared!
xoxo Nicole

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