Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Military Green Trend

I know I'm a tad late on the bandwagon with military inspired looks, but I have recently seen in almost every store I go into, military inspired green pants.  This trend definitely can be a nice change from wearing your go-to jeans everyday, especially as a college student I definitely want comfort but obviously while still looking fashion forward. Here are some ideas if you want to get the look. 
1. 2. 

These are three pants that I've seen and really liked (number 2 is my new favorite!)

1.AE Cargo Jeggings
2. Forever 21 Cargo Denim Pants
3. Forever 21 Pull-On Ruched Utility Pants

This is definitely a look I can see going through to winter, and it looks great with black boots and a gray loose top to pull the entire outfit together! Have fun and follow my blog if you like!
xoxo Nicole

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