Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glee Review: Grilled Cheesus

So tonights episode Grilled Cheesus, was about faith and Hope. Kurt's dad has a heart attack and Finn creates his grilled cheesus and begins believing in God.  When hearing that this episode would talk about faith and God, I thought this would create a lot of controversy among people that don't believe as much in faith, but the show really sheds light on both sides even though there is more of a bias towards Christianity. Without giving away too much this episode tested Finns faith and Kurts openness to believe in something, whether it was God or family.  This episode was so good with its music choices as well as its message!  Glee is definitely stepping up their game when it comes to the story lines. A for Glee

p.s. you see another side of Sue Sylvester, definitely makes her character more understanding!

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